I will setup email marketer with interspire or mailwizz

CREATED 4 week ago

Will deliver in 2 Day Save


 * Setup interspire with SPF dkim dmarc pass

 *  Interspire intstallation

 *  Mail Server Validation for good Delivery: DKIM - DMARC - rDNS - SPF - MX - Implementation
 *  IP rotation
 *   Maborak add-ons Installation 

  *  Cron jobs

  *  Configure SMTP

  *  Mail Server Configuration

 Why Me?

    More Than 8 years of experience in Internet Marketing

    I work very reasonable price in fast delivery time  

    100% Satisfaction
    Complete DNS Settings (SPF, DKIM, DMARC, RDNS)
    mail-tester.com score 10/10 

    Fast Response and delivery (Within 24 hours delivery without any extra charges)


I need

 I need the following details to start my installation:

**    VPS root password & IP (CentOS 6x64)


**    Domain name and login details if available   


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