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An Online Software to check the existence/validity of any email address. Your lists will get cleaned from Invalid/Non-Existing/Bouncing email addresses.

You can verify lists of any size at the rate of 1 verification per second.

You can verify single/multiple Email Addresses.

You can create lists by manual Copy-Paste of Email addresses or by importing it from any remote database.

Each list can be cleaned for Invalid, Bouncing email addresses either live one by one in real time or can be scheduled to get processed in the background.


How is this done?

Our software actually connects to the RECIPIENT EMAIL SERVER be it GMAIL, YAHOO or anything and checks whether the mailbox and username exist. This is done without sending any real email.

So if the user exists then we mark the email address as VALID DELIVERABLE. If not, then the recipient email address does not exist and sending email to it will result in BOUNCE BACK and thus we label such email address as INVALID NON DELIVERABLE BOUNCING email address.


Email Platform
  • MailChimp
  • Campaigner


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