I will do smtp email integration with click funnels

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SMTP Integration with ClickFunnels can be frustrating. Stop worrying we are here to help you out.

We'll integrate SMTP providers like

  • SparkPost
  • MailGun
  • SendGrid
  • MailChimp
  • Elastic-EMail

So, you can start sending emails to your contacts.


What we will do?

  •  We'll integrate your SMTP with ClickFunnels account.
  •  We'll verify and secure your domain so, you can use this to send emails.


What do we need from you?

  • Please provide us with your login details (User ID and Password) for the following:
  • SMTP (Email) Provider Account  (SparkPost, SendGrid, MailGun, Elastic-EMail etc.
  •  ClickFunnels Account
  •  Domain Registrar Account, Where you bought your domain (GoDaddy, Google Domain, etc.)Your domain name with which SMTP integration is required to be done

Note: This information is necessary for us to do your work.

** We are ClickFunnels dedicated agency helping you with everything related to     ClickFunnels.

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